Gene list


  Number Gene Gene Symbol Method of Isolation Chr Locus ID (MSU) MH63 ID ZS97 ID Same or not in MH63 and ZS97 Function
  1 Daikoku dwarf; dwarf-1; G protein alpha subunit D1; RGA1; d-1 Map based clone 5 LOC_Os05g26890 MH05g0300100 ZS05g0309500 Same One third of normal height, having short thick leaves of dark green color. Internodes are thick and sometimes the second internode does not elongate. Grain is small and round
  2 Grain number Gn1a; OsCKX2 QTL clone 1 LOC_Os01g10110 MH01g0110400 ZS01g0093800 Same Cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase.increase the number of reproductive organs. a negative regulator of grain number.
  3 Sword shape dwarf1 SSD1 Map based clone 3 LOC_Os03g19080 MH12g0011800 ZS12g0011900 Same Leaves are sword-shaped, dark green leaves, seeds, low fertility
  4 Rice respiratory burst oxidase homolog Osrboh4 Total RNA isolation 5 LOC_Os05g38980 MH05g0433600 ZS05g0475000 Same Transient coexpression of Os Rac1 and rbohB enhanced ROS production in Nicotiana benthamiana, suggesting that direct Rac-Rboh interaction may activate NADPH oxidase activity in plants.
  5 Small and round seed 3; Microtubule Depolymerase SRS3; OsKinesin-13A; sar1 Map based clone 5 LOC_Os05g06280 MH05g0058200 ZS05g0061200 Collinear Kinesin 13 protein
  6 Monoculm 1 MOC1 PCR clone 6 LOC_Os06g40780 MH06g0580600 ZS06g0532800 Collinear Basal axillary shoot ; axillary bud ; axillary bud meristem ; axillary shoot. 03-tillering stage. Positively regulate rice tiller and Panicle branches. ortholog of lateral suppressor (LS/LAS) gene from tomato and arabidopsis.
  7 Bacterial Blight resistance 1 Xa-1 Map based clone 4 LOC_Os04g53120 MH04g0633700 ZS04g0754300 Divergent Xa1 is a member of the NBS-LRR class of plant diseaseresistance genes
  8 Bacterial Blight resistance 21 Xa21; Xa-21 Positional clone 11 LOC_Os11g35500 MH11g0464400 NA PAV Xa21 confers resistance to diverse races of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and encodes a receptor-like kinase with leucine-rich repeats in the extra-cellular domain.
  9 Pyricularia oryzae resistance-3 Pi3 PCR clone 9 LOC_Os09g15840 MH04g0103600 ZS04g0121300 Collinear Resistant to several races of Pyricularia grisea. Pi3(t) and Pi5(t) are the same resistance gene. Original line is Pai-Kan-Tao (Japonica). The two NB-LRR genes Pi5-1 and Pi5-2 are required for rice Pi5-mediated resistance to M. oryzae
  10 Rice blast resistance-ta Pita; Pi-4a Map based clone 12 LOC_Os12g18360 MH12g0181700 ZS12g0174500 Nonsynonymous Original line (Pita) is Taducan (Indica). Original line (Pita2) is Shimokita (Japonica).