Rice Information GateWay (RIGW)

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     Our manually checked MH63RS3 annotation can be downloaded now! (2024-1-31)
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    Rice is a major food for the world's population and serves as a model plant in cereal genome research. The Rice Information GateWay (RIGW) was upgraded to Version 3.0 with the release of GAP-FREE reference genome assemblies, ZS97RS3 and MH63RS3. Designed as a basic platform for xian/indica rice study, RIGW presents the sequenced genomes and related information in systematic and graphical ways for the convenience of in-depth comparative studies.





Table 1. Characteristics of the ZS97RS3 and MH63RS3 genomes

Total size of assembled chromesome/contigs (bp) 395,765,488 391,084,178
Numbers of gene models/transcripts 59,903/102,911 60,935/100,974
Number of non-TE gene loci 39,406 39,258












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