Gene list


  Number Gene Gene Symbol Method of Isolation Chr Locus ID (MSU) MH63 ID ZS97 ID Same or not in MH63 and ZS97 Function
  88 Magnaporthe grisea resistance-25 Pi25; Pid3 Others 6 LOC_Os06g22460 MH06g0283200 NA Gap Resistance genes Pi25 and Pid3, both encoding resistance against Magnaporthe oryzae, are allelic and vary in a single nucleotide
  90 Flowering time control protein0 FCA RT-PCR 9 FCA MH09g0041600 ZS09g0036800 Nonsynonymous Homology with Arabidopsis FCA, flowering time control protein.
  91 Late Maturity Lm QTL map based clone 6 NA MH06g0213500 ZS06g0190400 Collinear Earliness gene through controlling photoperiod response.
  92 Alcohol dehydrogenase gene Adh1 PCR clone 11 LOC_Os11g10480 MH11g0112200 ZS11g0103800 Nonsynonymous Adh1 Gene is Involved in the Repression of Coleoptile Elongation under Submergence in Rice
  93 Heading date-3a;FLOWERING LOCUS T;Florigen Hd3a; FT Map based clone 6 LOC_Os06g06320 MH06g0077000 NA Gap The effect of red light NB on Hd3a is dependent on photon fluence and is restored by subsequent far-red light irradiation.
  95 GrainsHeightDate-7 Ghd7 Map based clone 7 LOC_Os07g15770 MH07g0181500 NA PAV Flowering time gene.
  96 Photoperiod-sensitivity-5 Se5; OsHY1; OsHO1 Knockdown 6 LOC_Os06g40080 MH06g0574000 ZS06g0526400 Same Earliness due to the loss of photoperiod sensitivity. Earlier by 46 days than the original cultivar Norin 8 under natural long-day.
  97 Floury endosperm-2 flo-2 Map based clone 4 LOC_Os04g55230 MH04g0654600 ZS04g0773000 Same Endosperm is floury white
  98 Floral organ number-2 FON2 DNA gel blot 11 LOC_Os11g38270 MH11g0498700 ZS11g0524000 Nonsynonymous The FON2 system in rice corresponds to the CLV signaling system in Arabidopsis and suggest that the negative regulation of stem cell identity by these systems may be principally conserved in a wide range of plants within the Angiosperms.
  100 Glutamine synthetase OsGS1;3; OsGLN1;3 Mutant 3 OsGS1_3 MH03g0614000 NA Gap OsGS1;3 were expressed mainly in roots and spikelets