Gene list


  Number Gene Gene Symbol Method of Isolation Chr Locus ID (MSU) MH63 ID ZS97 ID Same or not in MH63 and ZS97 Function
  44 Ebisumochi dwarf; dwarf 6;KNOX family class 1 homeobox gene of rice d6; OSH15;Oskn3 Others 7 LOC_Os07g03770 MH07g0034500 ZS07g0024000 Collinear Dwarf. Sinuous panicle neck and leaves with lopped blades. The second and further internodes are extremely short.
  45 Brown planthopper resistance-3 Bph3 Others 4 LOC_Os04g12540 LOC_Os04g12580 MH04g0124600 ZS04g0175800 Nonsynonymous Bph3 is a cluster of three genes encoding plasma membrane?Clocalized lectin receptor kinases (OsLecRK1-OsLecRK3).
  46 Carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 8 D10; OsCCD8 Map based clone 1 LOC_Os01g54270 MH01g0593700 ZS01g0610700 Nonsynonymous Low plant height and very many tillering. Grain shape is normal.
  47 Pyricularia oryzae resistance-21 pi21 QTL clone 4 LOC_Os04g32850 NA ZS04g0487200 PAV Field resistance to rice blast in testing nursery under natural conditions.
  48 Carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase; high tillering dwarf 1; semidwarf-t; dwarf and increased tillering1 OsCCD7; htd1; sd-t; dit1 Map based clone 4 LOC_Os04g46470 MH04g0562000 ZS04g0658600 Same Profuse tillering with slender leaves.
  49 Semidwarf-g sd-g Map based clone 5 LOC_Os05g33730 MH05g0376500 NA Gap The semidwarf phenotype was controlled by the semidwarf gene, sdg. The second sheath and shoot elongation responses of the dwarf mutant to exogenous gibberellin (GA3) showed that sdg was insensitive to gibberellin (GA), and its endogenous GAs content was
  50 Photoperiod-sensitive male sterility-3 pms3; p/tms12-1; IncRNA; LDM Others 12 LOC_Os12g36030 MH12g0366300 NA PAV Male sterile under long-day conditions and fertile under short-day conditions.
  52 Pollen fertility restoration-1; Pentatricopeptide-repeat family protein Rf1a; Rf-1; Rf5 Positional clone 10 LOC_Os10g35436 MH10g0369100 ZS10g0391100 Same Pollen fertility restoration gene of BT-type cytoplasmic male sterility
  54 Pollen fertility restoration-4;pentatricopeptide repeat protein Rf4 Map based clone 10 LOC_Os10g35240 MH10g0367300 NA PAV The Rice Restorer Rf4 for Wild-Abortive Cytoplasmic Male Sterility Encodes a Mitochondrial-Localized PPR Protein that Functions in Reduction of WA352 Transcripts
  55 Rice Pti1 gene Pti1 Full length cDNA clone 3 NA MH03g0752300 ZS03g0812900 Same Play a role in rice resistance against brown planthopper