Gene list


  Number Gene Gene Symbol Method of Isolation Chr Locus ID (MSU) MH63 ID ZS97 ID Same or not in MH63 and ZS97 Function
  33 Bacterial Blight resistance 27 Xa27; Xa-min(t) Map based clone 6 LOC_Os06g39810 NA ZS06g0523400 PAV Bacterial blight (Xanthomonas rryzae pv. oryzae (X00)) resistance gene introduced from Oryza minuta, being located on the long arm of chromosome 6 flanked by markers M1081 and M1095.
  34 Bacterial Blight resistance 26 Xa26; Xa3 Map based clone 11 LOC_Os11g47210 NA ZS11g0623600 PAV Resistant to the all Japanese Isolate groups in adult only. [366]. This gene is located on chromosome 11 and tightly linked with Xa4.
  35 Bacterial Blight resistance 25; sucrose transporter gene xa25; OsSWEET13 Map based clone 12 LOC_Os12g29220 MH12g0309200 ZS12g0338700 Collinear Resistant to bacterial blight disease. The present study identified a new dominant gene, Xa25(t), for bacterial blight resistance in Minghui 63 (Chen et al. 2002).
  36 Magnaporthe grisea resistance-a Pia; RGA4,RGA5 Others 11 LOC_Os11g11790 MH11g0124800 ZS11g0130700 Same Resistant to rice blast disease. Variety 'Aichiasahi' has this gene. Pia is composed of two adjacent genes SasRGA4 (Sasanishiki allele of Os11gRGA4) and SasRGA5.
  37 Magnaporthe grisea resistance-i1 Pi-i Map based clone 9 LOC_Os09g15840 MH09g0234700 ZS09g0184400 Collinear Resistant to rice blast disease. Varieties 'Ishikari-shiroge' and 'Fujisaka 5' have this gene. PO:0009047; stem ;
  39 Magnaporthe grisea resistance-sh Pish Others 1 LOC_Os01g57340 MH01g0631100 ZS01g0641700 Collinear The rice blast resistance gene
  40 Rice blast resistance-t Pit cDNA clone 1 LOC_Os01g05620 MH01g0063700 ZS01g0054800 Collinear Rice Innate Immunity
  41 Magnaporthe grisea resistance-5 Pi5; Pi5-1 Map based clone 9 LOC_Os09g15840 MH09g0234700 ZS09g0184400 Collinear Resistant to several races of Pyricularia grisea.
  42 Magnaporthe grisea resistance-9 Pi9; Pi2/Piz-5; Pi50; Piz; Pi Map based clone 6 LOC_Os06g17900 MH06g0227700 ZS06g0201800 Same The Pi2 gene is a member of a gene cluster comprising nine gene members (named Nbs1-Pi2 to Nbs9-Pi2) and encodes a protein with a nucleotide-binding site and leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domain.
  43 Bungetsuwaito tillering dwarf; dwarf-3 D3; SOLS Map based clone 6 LOC_Os06g06050 MH06g0017400 ZS06g0018000 Collinear Profuse tillering with slender leaves. Duplicate or triplicate.