Gene list


  Number Gene Gene Symbol Method of Isolation Chr Locus ID (MSU) MH63 ID ZS97 ID Same or not in MH63 and ZS97 Function
  22 Brittle Culm1 BC1 Map based clone 3 LOC_Os03g30250 MH03g0330800 NA Gap Culms and leaves are brittle and easy to be broken by bending.
  23 Spotted leaf-11; E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Spl11 Map based clone 12 LOC_Os12g38210 MH12g0395900 ZS12g0447900 Collinear Rust colored spots which start appearing at maximum tillering stage and continue until maturity. The spots are distributed throughout the leaf blade with maximum concentration along the midrib.
  24 Plastochron-1 PLA1 BAC clone 10 LOC_Os10g26340 MH10g0262900 ZS10g0312500 Same Leaves differentiate 2 times faster in vegetative phase. In reproductive phase, the primordia of primary rachis change into shoots, showing heterochrony mutation in which the program in vegetative phase expressed in reproductive phase continuously. Simila
  25 Drooping leaf-1 DL; OsYABBY Map based clone, mutant 3 LOC_Os03g11600 MH03g0114700 ZS03g0108300 Same In leaves, DL gene regulates the development of midrib. In flowers, DL function as a homeotic gene regulating the identity of carpel. Loss-of-function mutation of DL results in drooping leaves and homeotic conversion of carpel to stamens.
  26 Coleoptile phototropism 1 CPT1 Map based clone 2 LOC_Os02g35970 MH02g0425500 ZS02g0436600 TE-related CPT1-dependent major phototropism of coleoptiles is achieved by lateral auxin translocation and subsequent growth redistribution.
  27 Alkali digestion ALK; SSIIa Map based clone 6 LOC_Os06g12450 MH06g0156000 ZS06g0151800 Collinear This gene causes the disintegration of endosperm starch granules in alkali solution. This gene is located on chromosome 6 flanked by RFLP markers R2147 and C1478 and to the same location with gel(t), acl(t) and SSIIa. This trait is used for identification
  28 Bacterial Blight resistance 5; Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Streak xa5; xa-5; TFIIA5; qBlsr5a PCR clone 5 LOC_Os05g01710 MH05g0014600 ZS05g0014700 Same Resistant to the all six Philippine isolates.This gene is located on chromosome 5 flanked by markers RS7 and RM611.
  30 Bacterial Blight resistance 4 Xa-4 Map based clone 11 Xa4 MH11g0652800 ZS11g0622300 Collinear Resistant to the Philippine isolate Pxo25
  31 Bacterial Blight resistance 13 xa13; Xa-13 Map based clone 8 LOC_Os08g42350 MH08g0531100 ZS08g0623500 Same Recessive resistant gene to Philippine isolate 6 but susceptible to isolates 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  32 Bacterial Blight resistance 23 Xa23 Map based clone 11 LOC_Os11g37620 MH11g0491800 NA PAV Resistant to Philippine races P1 to P10, Chinese pathotypes C1 to C7 and Japanese races T1 to T3 at tillering stage.