Gene list


  Number Gene Gene Symbol Method of Isolation Chr Locus ID (MSU) MH63 ID ZS97 ID Same or not in MH63 and ZS97 Function
  11 Glutamine synthetase OsGS2; OsGLN2; GS31 gtll system 4 LOC_Os04g56400 MH04g0666500 ZS04g0783400 Same Coding for glutamine synthetase polypeptides
  12 Cytochrome P450 gene;dwarf-2;ebisu dwarf D2; CYP90D2 Map based clone 1 LOC_Os01g10040 MH01g0109200 ZS01g0093000 Nonsynonymous The shape of stem and leaf resembles to d1 but the shape of spikelet is almost normal.
  13 Heading date 1 Hd1 Map based clone 6 LOC_Os06g16370 MH06g0213500 ZS06g0190400 Collinear Earliness gene through controlling photoperiod response.
  14 Heading date-6 Hd6; CK2 QTL clone 3 LOC_Os03g55389 MH03g0675700 ZS03g0710800 Same Hd6 has an epistatic effect with Hd2. This is homoeologous to wheat vernalization gene vrn-A1 on chromosome 5A.
  15 Heading date-3 Hd-3 QTL clone 6 LOC_Os06g06320 MH06g0077000 NA Gap Heading date;flowering locus T;florigen
  16 Early heading date 1 Ehd1 QTL clone 10 LOC_Os10g32600 MH10g0329300 ZS10g0360400 Nonsynonymous This gene controls basic vegetative growth period. Ef1-n which is one of the multiple alleles at Ef1 locus accelerates the heading day by 20 days earlier than the original line T65. AB092506 Dominant alleles of Ehd1 confer short-day promotion of heading.
  17 P450dwarf 11; cytochrome P450 d11; CYP724B1 Map based clone 4 LOC_Os04g39430 NA ZS04g0573100 Gap Slightly dwarf. Small and round grain. Sparse grain setting on a panicle.
  18 Slender rice 1; GRAS-domain protein SLR1; OsGAI; Slr1-d Map based clone 3 LOC_Os03g49990 MH03g0622400 ZS03g0654400 Same A constitutive GA-responsive mutant which shows a slender phenotype with elongated stem, leaf sheath, and blade similar to that of rice plants treated exogenously with GA3.This gene is the loss-of-function mutant in the SLR1 gene, which is an ortholog of
  19 Gigantea OsGI PCR clone 1 LOC_Os01g08700 MH01g0092800 ZS01g0082000 Same Bioactive GA level through the regulation of the GA-deactivating enzyme genes in rice. Consistently, osgi-1 plants showed Semi-dwarf phenotype with reduced internode and leaf sheath elongation.
  21 Dee-geo-woo-gen dwarf sd1; OsGA20ox2; qSD1-2 Positional clone 1 LOC_Os01g66100 NA ZS01g0733800 PAV Sd1-d is a dwarf gene of Taiwanese cultivar "Dee-geo-woo-gen". Dwarfness is due to low amount of active gibbelleric acid Caused by mutation of GA20ox-2 gene. Most of the useful semi-dwarfs of practical value in rice breeding have allelic Dwarfing genes at